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MY MISSION: I am on a mission to bring out the best in three hundred unemployed, single parents, women, by using my expert approach in strategizing and leadership to help them in their personal, and career development. Plus I bring financial cultural understanding, operational and intuitive knowledge to side hustle development because I see their value and because they also deserve to have financial independence.

WELCOME to Do you have a business idea but feels stuck? Are you unemployed ? Are you looking to increase your income, have a more meaningful career, reduce your expenses? Or wish to add stability to your work life in an uncertain job market. Or are you building your next full time job and are serious about a side hustle?  As a certified business developer, and strategist I will guide you to become the STAR you are meant to be.


Your journey towards a better way of life begins today. Just book one of the programs offered by MY STRATEGIC VAULT today and experience immediate results.

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Career Development


 Personal development simple means making yourself more valuable. It is long term, ongoing and it shows that you intend to keep investing in yourself, to remain relevant in these changing times and reposition yourself when necessary. To learn how this program will benefit you  schedule an appointment today. 

Here you will be guided in how to transform your career so that you become invaluable to your employer. Learn how to codify skills and talents. Even if you are thinking about changing careers. This program has easy strategic steps that work. To learn how this program will benefit you schedule an appointment today

Income stability is so vital in todays world especially for unemployed single parents women. Side Hustle Overload  is a means of providing  solutions to problems they want to share with the world and provide the means of earning much needed extra cash. To learn how this program will  benefit you schedule an appointment today.

Provide strategic expertise by the following: analyzing your businesses and its operations, examining patterns and conducting trend analysis, and also spotting gaps before formulating your strategy in such a way that leads to success. To learn how this program will work for you schedule an appointment today

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Career Development

The Secrete Weapon That Successful Side Hustlers Utilize


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How To Become Invaluable to your Company

Closing the Gap To Avoid Failure and Achieve Success.

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